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Mari Cha IV Break 100 year Old Record

02 Jun 2005

The 100-year old west to east race record across the North Atlantic, between New York and the Lizard was broken this morning when Robert Millers Mari-Cha IV a 140 foot (43m) schooner that is the worlds longest modern grand prix race yacht, crossed the line due south of Cornwalls Lizard point at 10:05:23 UTC making her time for the 2,925 mile course from the Ambrose light off New York harbour, 9 days 15 hours 55 minutes and 23 second at an average speed for the course of 12.61 knots. so Mari-Cha IV, despite the inclement weather conditions experienced during the first half of the race, has still taken 2 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes and 56 seconds off the race record. Mari Cha 1V continued on up the English Channel to complete the final part of the race which ended off the needles, Isle of Wight.