Elliott 9 Super Sport

Elliott 9 SuperSport is a 9 metre racing yacht suitable for inshore/ coastal racing.  Greg Elliott was  approached by two young guys wanting to build their own racing yacht - a speedster for inshore and coastal. This was an exciting design project to be involved in and an opportunity to showcase some innovative design and construction techniques.  The Elliott 9 SuperSport proved to be a rocket ship providing thrilling sailing and impressive speed and performance. .Stock plans are available.

Outstanding performance all points of sail

The Elliott 9SuperSport is built of carbon fibre, has a canting keel and has outstanding speed in all conditions.  

Ideal for short handed racing

Intelligent design and layout means all systems are easily operated by two people.

Build your onw Elliott 9Supersport

Elliott 9ss can be purchased as a complete yacht or build your own. Full comprehensive construction drawings are available for building by professional boatbuilder or amateur builder.


  • LOA 9.1 m
  • Beam 2.4 m
  • Draft 2.2 m
  • Displacement 1800kg

General Appearance

E9ss Flying by a yacht in Coastal Classic Race