Evo 660 Powerboat

The EVO 660 offers fun for the whole family whether it be fishing, diving, water skiing or just day cruising.
The  EVO 660 is a  production powerboat which responds to the demand in the recreational powerboat market for a boat that is safe, soft riding and seaworthy whilst keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. The EVO660 boat features an efficient low drag  hull form that allows fuel consumption to be kept down. The unique central pod arrangement enables the EVO 660 to be more functional whilst improving comfort on the water without closing the space in and allows for unrestricted visibility. 

OUTSTANDING SMOOTH DRY RIDE No more getting splashed !

THE EVO 660 is designed as an efficient, low drag hull form. Designed to provide an outstanding soft ride with no slamming.


The hull design incorporates precision calculated topside flare which reduces spray and provides a soft dry ride. Strategically placed strakes provide lift and reduce surface friction whilst providing dynamic stability, essential for safety and comfort.


Precision engineering coupled with detailed, hand laid construction of multi axle fibreglass production  provides a very durable and strong, dependable  structure.


Whether you prefer to stand up to drive or want shelter from the weather the electric hard top can be lowered or raised in minutes with the press of a button. 

MULIT PURPOSE LAYOUT Perfect for diving, snorkelling, fishing

The layout provides boating fun for the whole family. The centre console cockpit arrangement provides comfort and shelter, allowing full use of the boat and total visibility without closing in the space.  
The open back and swim boards aft provide really easy access to the water - perfect for diving, swimming, fishing and a variety of water activities.

FUEL ECONOMY Choose your engine size

The super efficient low drag hull only requires moderate engine horse power allowing the  EVO 660 to have low fuel consumption across a variety of activities. 
Engine size  range is from 115hp - 150 hp. A 115hp engine achieves  9 litres an hour at 10 knots (18.5 km/h), boat speed  ~ 20 litres at 20 knots (37 km//h)  and 31 litres at 30 knots (58.5km/h). 


SEATING ARRANGEMENT Bring the whole family

The EVO 660 has comfortable permanent seating for 7 to 8 people and still rides perfectly and feels spacious.

OPEN BOAT OPTION Prefer to Go Topless

The EVO 660 can be purchased without the hardtop. Still providing the spacious centre console experience without the roof.

OPTIONAL FEATURES What's your preference

There are numerous features to choose from to ensure your EVO 660 is customised to your lifestyle. Some of the more popular choices are single axle road trailer, preferred  engine size, retractable hard top, fixed hardtop, additional seating, fishing kit.



  • LOA 6.60m
  • Beam 2.3m
  • Displacement 1150 kg

General Appearance

EVO 660 On the Water Performance