Custom Cruising Yachts

Greg Elliott designs yachts that are fast, functional and sea kindly. Elliott believes “Offshore cruising yachts have to sustain any conditions encountered and get to their destinations in as short a time as possible. Performance is not only an enjoyable element of sailing it also has practical benefits. For weekend sailors, performance brings a wider cruising area within easy reach. For offshore sailors, reducing the amount of time spent at sea allows more time for cruising and exploring new locations. It also offers safety widening the options for coping with heavy weather, including the possibility of outrunning threatening systems, or moving out of their way."

We pride ourselves in producing custom designs that fulflill the wishes and needs of our clients whilst incorporating intelligent, innovative and sustainable design criteria. Testimony to this is the diversity of all the yachts displayed and reviewed on this site. Interior layouts are all based around the owner’s design brief, individual tastes and priorities.

Elliott 53 Centre Cockpit

The Elliott 53 centre cockpit  cruising yacht is a development of the  Elliott 1660 Tourer. Client brief was for a centre cockpit based around the successful Elliott  pilothpuse concet. This is a fast modern cruiser, with at least two large double cabins each with full ensuite facilities and a large airy deck house with easy access to the cockpit. Construction method is epoxy, 'E' Glass and foam with carbon reinforcing, giving a light but strong hull. The keel can be customised to suit the owner's draft limitations and the accommodation can be varied as required.


General Appearance