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Build Yourself a Sailboat

20 Apr 2020

Here’s a great project for you weekend warriors with basic tools and skills, who want to build your own yacht. It’s the E22 Day Sailer. A perfect backyard project for you, the E22DS is a simple, tough, day sailer, you can drag it up onto the beach or onto the lawn at the bach with minimum fuss and it's robust enough to handle this treatment. 
You can choose from several construction options available . We can supply you with construction plans and a materials list to build your own yacht from scratch. If you’re handy with tools and have the time this option will work for you. Want to cut out the first few steps and get a jump start ?  The  materials can be supplied as a flatpack boat to construct with your basic building skills. The E22DS has been designed for easy construction of the basic frame, before applying the plywood panels. Bond the deck plywood panels at the edges and glass tape to form the shape. Economical too - the computer-cut panels are supplied with greater accuracy and less wastage, as the patterns are cut to achieve the greatest efficiency. The bulkheads and bottom panels utilise 9mm ply, while the topsides and deck are 6mm. Sheath the hull in fibre glass with an extra layer along the bottom to resist abrasion and you’re nearly sailing. The third build option - possibly the fastest and definitely the easiest,  just purchase the flatpack and have it delivered to your local boat builder to put it together professionally for you.  
Sailing Details. Just two small winches take care of headsail sheeting and swinging the keel plate up. There is enough weight in the keel to ensure the boat is self-righting.Next pick up a pre loved mast and some sails or choose from a variety of mast and sail options to suit your budget and sailing preferences. 
Your  Elliott 22DS is Fun to Build – Fun to Sail.  Read more  Here  or Jump in now and get in touch with us to get started now.