Elliott News

Elliott 7 Production

06 Jul 2021

the Elliott 7 production, pre shipping,  quality inspection is underway at McConaghy factory. This fleet is being prepared  for the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia. The yachts will be used in their keelboat programme with many exciting initiatives planned by the club, including both youth and adult events. 
The Elliott 7 has a history of service as a thoroughly modern, safe, fast responsive yacht that is enjoyed by both youth and adult sailors. There are more than 25 clubs in the world using Elliott 6 or Elliott 7 in their sailing programmes. A major factor for the success of these programmes using Elliott boats is not only their performance but also the durability of the boats. The yachts have been purpose designed; utilising construction methods and materials to create yachts that easily withstand the rigours of heavy individual use and keelboat sailing programmes. The yachts in club programmes are used on a daily basis and often rigorously in extreme environments and (with the exception of a high speed-high impact collision), little damage or gear replacement is required to maintain the yachts in pristine condition. Congratulations to the  CYCSA on joining an elite list of clubs that own fleets of Elliott yachts.