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Mari Cha IV: The Fastest Monohull in the World!!

13 Oct 2003

The Mari Cha IV team have now sailed into the record books by capturing two of the sailing worlds most historic and prestigious recordsĀ  the West to East transatlantic record and the 24 hour distance record. At 10:32:20 UTC on Thursday 9th October, Mari Cha IV sailed past Lizard Point, Cornwall, to complete their 2,925 mile crossing in 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 39 seconds , beating the existing transatlantic record by over two days and making them the first monohull ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean in under seven days. The previous record, held by Bernard Stamm of switzerland aboard Armor-Lux, stood at 8 days, 20 hours, 55 minutes and 35 seconds and was set in February 2001.